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Coaching in Christ

In a family of friends

1 John 1:7 "We walk in the light as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanses us from all sin."

Just two little boys walking down a dusty lane
They came upon this old white house
With broken window panes.
The paint was faded, the shine was gone
The grass had grown so high
Still they made their little feet
To see what was inside.
They opened up the squeaky door
And then it came to light
This must have been an old church house
Once upon a time.
Dirty, dusty wooden pews
A pulpit that still stood
A bible laid upon it
Though the pages weren't too good.
An offering plate and song books too
We’re lying on the floor
They must have left this old church fast
The day they closed these doors.
And over in the corner
A piano was still there
It must have played a pretty tune
But I guess nobody cared.
So little Bill looked up at Tommy
And Tommy looked at Bill
Why Don't we clean this old church up,
and get these old pews filled?"
They took a rag and wiped the dust
To try and make things shine
And then they took the offering plate
And put in it their Last dime.
They took a broom and swept the floor
And picked up broken glass
They got it all so nice and neat
And then they mowed the grass.
They lifted up the old church sign
And stood it by a tree
Right down by that old dirt road
Where everyone could see.
They ran back home, to find Daddy gone
But their Momma was inside
Just to find her hurt again
Where Daddy had made her cry.
"Don't cry Momma, wipe those tears,"
Little Bill and Tommy smiled
"Cause we have a big surprise for you
Just down the road a mile."
Hand in hand they tugged at her
Until they made her run
"What Is it Bill, Oh Tommy,
Just what have you two kids done?"
And then they came upon the house
Once hidden by the weeds
And there it stood a country church
Just like it used to be.
"But what is it, Mother? What's with your tears?
We thought this would bring you joy."
"Yes, but hush kids now and listen close
My Two sweet precious boys."
They both got quiet and stood real still
For the words they heard so true
Was Daddy praying in the church
With his head bowed on the pew.
"Forgive me Lord! Forgive me Lord!
Though I'm not worthy of Your love
Shine down on this sinner man
Sweet Salvation from above."
"For I've been out in the world, You know
Living my life all wrong
Until I came upon this church;
the place where I belong."
"I never noticed it before.
All those times I passed it up
I guess I wasn't looking, Lord.
Or maybe I was drunk."
"Bless oh Lord, yes, bless oh Lord.
The one who made me see
This little church that used to hide
Behind all those tall weeds."
And then he raised his head and stood
With his hands high in the air
To find two, dirty, tear-faced boys
With Momma standing there.
They ran up to him, hugged him tight
As their tears fell on the floor
"Don't worry kids, I'm not the Dad,
the one you've known before."
Things are different for us now
So keep on those pretty smiles
And let's go gather people in
To walk down these church aisles."
Then Bill looked up at Tommy
And Tommy looked at Bill
"Come on brother, let's get to work
To get these old pews filled."
"For we need no special blessing
For cleaning up this church
cause, God gave us back our Daddy
And that's more than gold is worth."
Sunday morning, pews all filled
And smiles on every face
Especially two little country boys
The ones who found this place.
Though it was hid back in the weeds
And so far out of sight
Nothing's ever hard to find
If you're walking toward God's light.
Ontvangen via Foor for thought  / http://www.emailministry.org

Onze basis


Leven en Liefde, gegeven door de
Levende, Liefdevolle Christus, via een
Levende, Liefhebbende leerling van Christus zal
Leven en Liefde communiceren

Geloof en belijden

Jezus is Heer

Christus is ons centrum


Wij willen een inspirerende christelijke gemeenschap zijn die door de Here Jezus gebruikt wordt om mensen tot zich te trekken.


Wij willen de visie en de opdracht van de HEER verwezenlijken door volgelingen van de HEER te zijn de gemeenschap te dienen in het bijzonder door evangelieverkondiging.


Wij zijn een interkerkelijke gemeente.
In de omgeving waar wij geplaatst zijn dragen wij ons steentje bij aan het welzijn in de omgeving.


Onze diensten beginnen op zondagochtend om 10.30 uur (Zie ook onze agenda).
Inloop vanaf 10 uur.
Gevolgd door sociaal samenzijn to ca 13:00 uur.
Adres: Robijnhorst 197 2592 TS Den Haag (Mariahoeve)
Openbaar vervoer:
Tram 6: de kerk ligt achter het winkelcentrum
Bus 24: de kerk ligt achter de Diamanthorst College

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